Being nice to the planet.

Grosvenor is a big fan of this spinning globe we call home, which is why Drake will be designed to LEED™ standards and will pursue certification. Energy efficient appliances, low VOC paints and water-smart plumbing fixtures are just a few of the earth-friendly features we feel good about.

Earth: we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.


Earth-friendly Features

Drake plumbing fixtures

Water-smart plumbing fixtures that give you a nice, strong spray but use less water overall.

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Member of Canada Green Building Council
Go green like Drake

1. Go Green by riding or walking to work. Drake’s only a 5 minute walk from downtown.
2. Go Green by bringing your own cup when you visit Drake’s many neighbourhood cafes.
3. Go Green by recycling. Drake kitchens even have a special drawer to separate paper from plastic.

Drake loves to bike