Most Popular Kitchen Themes And Colour Combinations


Choosing paint colours can be a frustrating and time-consuming process when there are several shades to choose from. The great news is that are some colours that work properly in specific rooms. The following are the colour combination and kitchen themes.



Strawberries are the ideal theme for a person who loves this delicious fruit. These themes will look excellent in a traditional kitchen when paired with a copper hood and browns, or home owners can opt for a white and red retro appearance with strawberry accents for the ideal amount of both charm and style that will get everyone desire to assemble in the kitchen for family meals.



fhbfhfCoffee themed kitchens are perfect for everybody that appreciates a nice mug of coffee in the morning. Stores are stocked with several coffee themed items, and this versatile theme can correlate accurately with any style. Some can go with an espresso coloured copper hood with creamy white walls and dark brown wood for the excellent contrast in old rooms, or go with a brown that is so dark which is almost black and brighter white for modern styles.



Metal is gradually becoming one of the most common options for modern houses. Add a modern appeal to your home by choosing a stainless steel kitchen that is full of shining cabinets with a black copper hood. Some people tend to avoid this look since it is considered cold, but you can add warmth to this room by using orange and red accent colours. For this looks, rather than a darker, black copper hood opt for a bronze coloured copper hood and add some stylish wall art to achieve the look.


Bright Blue

Recent homes that have black and white or stainless steel rooms usually seem to be emotionless or a bit cold. To create extra energy, several home owners choose to add little pops of colour by adding two or one bright colours. For the hottest trends, bright blue is the colour of choice for right now.



It is a bit more common than just strawberries, making it comfortable to use. Home owners can utilize a blend of grapes, pineapples, apples, pears, strawberries and other fruits. This enables them to combine and match colour blends with accent pieces without having to remodel the whole kitchen. Using a large design scheme like this one ensures that the room will be full of energy and will stay. This versatile theme will correlate well with dark and light coloured woods as well as different coloured appliances, cabinetry, and flooring.

3 Tips To Follow Before Getting Your Home Painted


When it comes to painting, the materials used and the way a painting job is done defines the overall appeal and outlook of a place. The most important thing is to get the right colour and tone that ought to synchronize with a whole place as every now and then, artists come up with new ideas and creative ways of issues regarding to paints.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Important tips to follow before getting your home painted.


Colour Selectionfnjf nf

The way colours are selected will define the mood and outlook place. Before choosing a colour, you need to consider your preference because an overall appearance can be made or broken. It is advisable, you pick a colour that you feel you can easily associate with and its impact towards you is positive. Yellow colour happens to be healing and attractive to some people. Monochromatic colour schemes are known to add a high and classy looks. This makes them preferred for bold looks.


Surfaces In Buildings

Before taking the option of starting the paint work, the different surface areas in the building should be taken to account. Thorough inspection of metal, woods, external and internal surfaces and all other areas should be carried out too. In order for you to get the right result, you need understand that each of the different surfaces in the building should have entirely different painting. By choosing the right paint, compatibility and proper link across the various areas in the building will thus be brought about.


Being Room Specific

db dfbd It is also seen as one of the important tips to follow before getting your home painted because some particular mood is usually associated with each area and part of a house or building. Appropriate colours for bedrooms should be neutral and soft because bedrooms are the places where people relax. Contrasting and bright colours on the other hand, should be painted in the living and sitting rooms as they promote the atmosphere of socializing and getting to warm up. The choice of colour by an individual tends to have a direct impact on his personality and thoughts. It’s best to pick a colour that will match your taste because irritability can be brought about by bright colours.

In conclusion, I hope this article will help someone who is wants to know some of the important tips to follow before getting his/her home painted.